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Build explainable machine learning models in four clicks without writing a single line of code and drive your business decisions towards success


mltrons helps you solve difficult problems, achieve more with less, make informed decisions, and harness the power of AI around your operations.

Modeling in 3-Steps

You just upload your file, choose the problem type & the variable to start model building,

State of the art algorithms

From tensorflow to PyTorch to Neural Network frameworks, you get access to top algorithms & frameworks.

Model Explanation

You get access to accuracy metrics, feature importance, feature impact and other metrics to successfully evaluate model performance.

Deploy in 1-Click

Once the modeling is complete, simple upload a file or use REST-APU to start making predictions.

Actionable Insights

For each prediction, uncover the logic and understand which factors were important & why.

Scenario Analysis

Use our scenario analysis to build a what-if analysis to optimize your decision making.

mltrons App Showcase

We've created a standardized process that anyone follow: With five basic steps, you will be able to run advanced alogorithms without any coding expertise and get the results you need.

Upload Your Data

Now you can upload your training file. Currently, we only support CSV/XSLX files but on-demand direct connection with your database is also available.

  • Files on secure servers
  • Our File size support up to 100MB (free-version online)

Choose Problem Type

Whether it is to predict customer retention rate, forecast future sales, or default rate, you can predict anything with mltrons. No matter you're a demand planner in a fashion company or a stock broker at Wall Street, get accurate results and make better decisions.

  • Support for Regression Problems
  • Support for Binary-Classification & Multi-Classification Problems.

View your Data & Choose Target Variable

View your data and select what the variable that you're trying to predict.

  • Have an in-depth view of your data
  • Understand data format & identify distribution
  • Build models with a single-click

Sit Back & Relax

This is where the magic happens! Our system automatically goes through hundreds of combinations and selects the best model for you.

  • Automatically transforms data & removes bias
  • Automated Feature Engineering & Model Building
  • State of the art algorithms - XGBoost, CatBoost, GBM, etc.
  • Ready for production models

Make Predictions

Once you're done training, you can start making predictions either by uploading a new test dataset or integrating API into your product. You can also get insights into the model.

  • In-Built Decisions Plots, Summary Plots & Partial Dependency Plots
  • Uncover how the model made predictions to bring transparency
  • Combine feature importance with feature impact to uncover changes in the predictions..
  • Easy to understand results by a business user

Simple, Flexible Pricing

Powerful AutoML System, at your command

Most Popular

Analyst Version

The basics of mltrons for everyone - beginner to expert

  • 1 User
  • Up-to 5 parallel projects
  • GPU Access
  • 100MB Training File
  • Priority Machine Access
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Business Version

For SMB/Startups that are getting started with ML/AI - super-saver!

  • Up-to 20 parallel projects
  • Dedicated support
  • Priority machine access
  • Enhanced Security
  • Company-wide Training Included
  • 100GB Storage
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Ultimate Version

Multiple-Users, security and compliance controls for organizations

  • *All Business Features
  • Dedicated Cluster
  • POC Support
  • Priority GPU Access
  • On-Premise Deployment
  • Company-wide Training Included
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How does mltrons work?

Mltrons reduces the steps required to build machine learning algorithms and helps analysts/scientists save up to 100 hours per month by automating machine learning algorithm building.

Does mltrons support custom models?

Unfortunately, we do not support custom model building but we will be adding it soon. You can request this feature by emailing us.

Is mltrons expensive than the alternatives?

mltrons is one of the most affordable AutoML system in the industry. There are open-source tools available but require a lot of coding & customization.

Does mltrons protect my data?

We use AWS & Azure for data hosting so we make sure that your data is secure - also we take data privacy very seriously at mltrons therefore we assure you that your data is secure!

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