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Background Information

  • Marketing campaigns are at the heart of any organization so making sure they’re a success is a must for any organization.
  • Predicting future revenue is extremely important.
  • Uncovering important variables within data that positively impact revenue is vital to optimize marketing strategies.
  • Data is mostly just used for descriptive analytics in a BI tool like Excel, Domo, Microstrategy or Tableau.
  • Usually traditional methods are used and just trend is identified.
  • It usually takes up to weeks/months to achieve accurate predictive models with understandable results.
  • With new data coming in, models have to be re-built which again requires the analyst to build predictive models from scratch.

We were tasked to:

  1. Identify which input variables had a strong relationship with revenue
  2. Find the most accurate predictive model
  3. Understand the decision rules to align with the predictive model for informed decisions
  4. Use “what-if” scenarios to uncover the most optimal marketing campaign

Who were we able to help?

  • Data Analyst
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Marketing Department

ROI Delivered

Using mltrons AI to provide marketing companies with faster & automated actionable predictions and insights to support marketing campaigns.

Mltrons allowed the marketing group to build the most accurate machine learning model in just a few hours and uncover the important variables that strongly impacted revenue. There were more than 50 variables used that were narrowed down to the 10 most important ones that were further evaluated in isolation.

Before mltrons, the process of data collection and data entry was very inconsistent. There were many errors in the data and data preparation required weeks if not days. For predictions, guesswork was used and trend lines were followed without access to a deeper analysis.

After the implementation of mltrons, building accurate predictive models was achieved in a few hours and predictions were made in real-time. Important variables were identified and decision makers were able to use “decision optimizer” to generate multiple strategies. .

See mltrons in action

Snapshot of your business

Automated creation of reports and machine learning algorithms. Log into mltrons to start building machine learning algorithms and make predictions.

Using the power of AI, mltrons executes multiple algorithms to discover the best predictive model for your data, to deliver the most relevant predictive insights proactively within minutes.

In this marketing sample dataset example below, you can automatically get descriptive charts, building machine learning algorithms, look into overall performance in terms of marketing performance and get predictions.

After getting descriptive details, start training multiple algorithms and evaluate results.

In this step, you unearth the workings of the model in basic business language. You can easily learn the top important features, check actual vs. prediction and understand the predictions through a decision tree.

Once the training is completed, you can simple deploy the model and generate predictions!

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