Increase returns on your real-estate investment with accurate predictions

Background Information

  • The housing market is dynamic and finding properties that are currently undervalued is the holy grail of real estate investing.
  • Predicting the prices of real-estate accurately can increase ROI significantly.
  • Information about properties, location, pricing trends is collected and stored in different formats with different levels of detail.
  • Data are often manipulated in tools like Excel, which requires heavy manual effort to identify important variables, capture trend and perform data cleaning steps.
  • Usually, traditional time-series forecasting methods are used that are unable to produce highly accurate forecasts at multiple deeper levels.
  • It usually takes up to weeks/months to achieve accurate predictive models with understandable results. .
  • With new data coming in, models have to be re-built which again requires the analyst to build predictive models from scratch.

We were tasked to:

  1. Uncover factors within data that influenced the future price
  2. Find the most accurate predictive model
  3. Optimize predictions in real-time for investors & home buyers or sellers
  4. Use “what-if” scenarios to uncover the most optimal marketing campaign

Who were we able to help?

  • Data Analyst
  • Real-Estate Investors
  • Real-Estate Buyers & Sellers
  • Online Real-Estate Websites

ROI Delivered

Using mltrons AI to provide real-estate companies with faster & automated actionable predictions and insights to support investment decisions.

Mltrons allowed investors/buyers/sellers/companies to obtain a personalized view and get predictions of their desired properties while identifying which variables were driving the prices e.g. location, school distance, area, property type, etc.

Before mltrons, the process of building predictive models was extremely manual and relied on traditional guesswork methods. This process was estimated to take an average of 1-2 weeks.

After the implementation of mltrons, building accurate predictive models was achieved in less than 1 day and predictions were made in real-time. The machine learning model built was 91% accurate which ultimately equated to an increase of up to 10% in unrealized investment return.

See mltrons in action

Snapshot of your business

Automated creation of reports and machine learning algorithms. Log into mltrons to start building machine learning algorithms and make predictions.

Using the power of AI, mltrons executes multiple algorithms to discover the best predictive model for your data, to deliver the most relevant predictive insights proactively within minutes.

In this sample dataset example below, you can automatically get descriptive charts, building machine learning algorithms, look into overall performance in terms of marketing performance and get predictions.

After getting descriptive details, start training multiple algorithms and evaluate results.

In this step, you unearth the workings of the model in basic business language. You can easily learn the top important features, check actual vs. prediction and understand the predictions through a decision tree.

Once the training is completed, you can simple deploy the model and generate predictions!

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