Predictive Analytics in five clicks.

Everyone wants to predict the future — maybe you're recommending products to customers, forecasting revenue, or optimizing a supply chain. You need to know what happens next!.

With mltrons, you get access to the state-of-the-art algorithms and robust infrastructure that helps you grow in just a few clicks.

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Set up and get started quickly using mltrons' intuitive Web-based user interface.

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State-of-the-Art Algorithms

Use the forms you already have created and designed on your website by adding one snippet of code to your website.

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Take informed actions with our AI driven scenario planning. Know the likely outcomes & prepare beforehand.

How it works?


Prepare & Upload Dataset

Connect your data source with mltrons and choose which tables you want to use. Using our in-built ETL tool, you can join datasets or change variable types.

Once your data is prepared, simply upload that historical data from any spreadsheet or database to get started!

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Select the outcome you want to predict

Now it's time to choose the outcome or the target variable that you want to predict.

It's a column within your dataset and is the answer of your business question. For example, for sales prediction, the 'sales' column within your dataset will be the outcome.

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Automatically build & evaluate 100s of models

Mltrons uses the latest and most powerful open source machine learning libraries, including pytorch, keras, H2O, TensorFlow, Spark ML, and XGBoost. It uses similar advanced techniques that data scientists use, including random forests, generalized linear models, deep learning, etc.

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top libraries and frameworks


Deploy & Make Predictions

Get predictions in your browser or use our API. Monitor the performance of all models, and easily re-train models for new incoming data.

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Plan ahead & take action

Go beyond historical reports. Use your data for purpose-driven action.

Generate predictions, uncover important factors within your data, and use our what-if scenario analysis to create strategies for multiple outcomes.

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How mltrons Automates Predictive Modeling

mltrons machine learning automation empowers data analysts to quickly and easily build highly accurate predictive models with full transparency within minutes.

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