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Build advanced predictive models uwithout math & coding - in just a few clicks.

Complete Experience

From cleaning data to building models to making predictions, we provide you all.


Know the 'why' behind AI decisions and drive business with actionable insights.

Machine Learning in 3-Steps

Go from raw data to actionable predictions without writing a single line of code.

  • Perform exploratory data analysis in just a click
  • Identify patterns, trends & outliers
  • Get the best performing model for your data
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Understand AI Predictions

With mltrons, build trust by explaining the 'why' and 'how' behind AI predictions.

  • Identify the important features in your data
  • Learn how each feature effects the predictions
  • Use "what-if" to uncover changes in the predictions
  • Identify biases in your predictions
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See what you can do with mltrons

AI that helps your business grow:

  • Predict credit risk, forecast sales or classify your loyal customers.
  • Understand how the model works & explain that easily to anyone!
  • Get actionable insights into your data with a click of a button.
Predict real-Estate prices
Optimize your marketing campaign
Predict customer churn
Predict fraud in real-time

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