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Upgrade to an AI-Driven Enterprise

be more confident in decision making with mltrons

Simple, Fast & Accurate

If you use tools like Excel, Tableau, SQL, and have a good understanding of your business & data, then you have everything for a successful AI Implementation with mltrons AutoML.

mltrons empowers you with:

  • Highly intuitive user-interface
  • Accurate predictive models within minutes
  • Managed cloud infrastructure
  • Explainable AI, business insights & predictions

Focus More On Analysis

We help you increase productivity & revenue while cutting down cost & time

We care about your time and money. We help you save both with AutoML & fast AI Implementation!
More than that, mltrons AutoML help you become more productive and optimize your decisions with explainable AI.

Save Cost

Free yourself from spending millions of dollars on your data science team, AI implementation & hiring

Save Time

Our AutoML cleans, pre-processes your data and builds accurate and explainable machine learning models in minutes.

Increase ROI

Get accurate predictions in minutes and increase your ROI by up to 50%. Plan ahead and always be prepared

Stay Competitive

With mltrons AutoML, act now and get ahead of your competition.

Use Cases

With mltrons, you can predict almost anything!

Whether you're trying to predict credit risk, forecast your sales, or classify your customers, with mltrons AutoML you get actionable predictions, explainable ai and improved bottom line in just a few clicks.

Case Study

Optimize Marketing Revenue

Predict the most optimal marketing strategy for maximum revenue.

Predictive Maintainence

Improve operational efficiency by more than 50%
Case Study

Predict Real-Estate Prices

Predict prices accurately and uncover important factors to increase your ROI

Credit Card Fraud Detection

Identify fraud in real-time and take quick action

We believe in data-backed decision making.