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Eliminate Guesswork

Everyone wants to predict the future — maybe you're recommending products to customers, forecasting revenue, or optimizing a supply chain. You need to know what happens next!

    With mltrons:
  • Get reliable predictions & recommendations
  • Prepare yourself for uncertainties
  • Use our "what-if" scenario to determine multiple likely outcomes
  • Automate repetitive data analysis tasks and save time
  • Make confident predictions with our AutoML system.
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Simple, Fast & Accurate

Users love simplicity & speed. Therefore, we have created a seamless experience for analytics teams to get from raw data to accurate predictions & recommendations in minutes.

  • Optimized GPU-Optimized infrastructure for lightning fast performance
  • Highly intuitive user-interface
  • Automated data science pipeline and in-built AutoML
  • Minimum complexity
  • Completely explainable results
  • State-of-the-art algorithms
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unlock value with mltrons
scalable and automated data science platform

Scalable & Automated Predictive Analytics

We build an end-to-end data science pipeline for you. You grow, we grow!

    With mltrons:
  • Automate repetitive data analysis tasks
  • Grow without worrying about infrastructure & maintainence costs
  • Uncover hidden insights & get beautiful data stories
  • Become a data-science oriented organization
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prepare dataset. mltrons helps you prepare data

1. Prepare Dataset

You've already been tracking the data around the outcome you want to predict. If your data is ready for analysis, you can skip this step!

But most of the time, data is dirty but our dedicated team of customer-facing data scientists will help and guide you through the entire data preparation process.

upload your dataset

2. Upload Data

Once your data is prepared, simply upload that historical data from any spreadsheet or database to get started!

choose what you want to predict

3. Choose Outcome

Now it's time to choose the outcome or the target variable that you want to predict. You can do classification, regression, clustering or time series depending on your business question.

start training models with our automl

4. Train Models

Your data is cleaned automatically which includes data joining, treating missing values, feature engineering, and is then used to tune and train the machine learning models. mltrons then automatically selects the best model fit for your data. Not only do you get access to our in-house state of the art algorithms but also get access to algorithms from libraries such as PyTorch, Keras, XGBoost, etc.

make predictions and get our recommendations

5. Make Predictions

Get predictions in two clicks in your browser or use our API. Decisions makers can also use our "what-if" analysis to prepare for different scenarios.

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Use Cases

mltrons can be used for all sorts of data. Think of it like a calculator: it easily gets you reliable answers.

All kinds of data work, whether you're trying to predict credit risk, forecast your sales, or classify your customers.

Build Your Own Use Case

Inventory prediction

Reduce your over-stocking cost by more than 27% and fulfil customer demand

Predictive Maintainence

Improve operational efficiency by more than 50%

Next Best Offer

Recommend right product to the right person at the right time. Increase customer retential and upsell

Credit Card Fraud Detection

Identify fraud in real-time and take quick action

Models Curated From Top Libraries & Frameworks

top libraries and frameworks


We care about your time and money. We help you save both!
More than that, we help you become more productive and prepared.

Claim these benefits

Save Cost

Free yourself from spending millions of dollars on your data science team, infrastructure & hiring

Save Time

Preparing data, finding the best model and making predictions require hundreds of repetitive tasks

Increase ROI

Get accurate predictions in minutes and increase your ROI by up to 50%. Plan ahead and always be prepared

Stay Competitive

With machine learning, act now and get ahead of your competition

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